Derived signal settings


Signal Settings include:

Name: name of the signal.

Spatial filter: spatial filter can be chosen through the list of available filters or entered manually (“CUSTOM” type). A current signal sample is computed as a weighted sum of the raw samples, and that weights are construct the spatial filter. In the case of the custom filter, enter it as following: Cz=1, F4=1 (others will not be processed).

Temporal settings: settings of the temporal filter.

Type: type of the filter. envdetector - signal will be filtered and the envelope will be computed. filter - only temporal filtering without the envelope. identity - raw siganl. Accordingly to the type, the following settings will be available or not.

Band: frequency filter border.

Filter type: FFT, butter (for Butterworth), complexdem, cfir.

Window size [samp.]: the size of the window in samples used for FFT and CFIR.

Filter order: order of the filter used for Butterworth and complexdem.

Smoother type: exponential (“exp”) or Savitzky–Golay (savgol) smoother.

Smoother factor: factor used in the exponential smoothing. Higher values correspond to a higher smoothness of the signal.

Artif. delay [ms]: artificial delay, used to add a latency between the signal and the feedback presentation.

BCI mode: the mode for using imaginary movements (in testing).

Save: saving of the signal.